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As a conscious haircare brand, transparency is important to us, hence, on every bottle, we tell you the exact percentage to which our products are naturally derived. All of our products are 90-100% naturally derived. As well as provide an ingredients list that is concise. 


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I love the curl defining hair gel! I’ve tried really expensive hair gels and not got the same results as this gel. I’m so happy! Thank you northwish :)

25 April 2022, 6:30:00 pm

Chujayanti ningthoujam

Chujayanti ningthoujam

I just started CGM.yours the first CGM approved product I got(shampoo conditioner and leave in).m quite happy with the result

3 February 2022, 6:30:00 pm

Carolina Ipince Grimm

Carolina Ipince Grimm

I have tried so many products and different brands and was never fully satisfied with how my hair looked. Then I tried Northwish Naturals and I literally fell in love. I have slightly wavy hair and I‘ve been using the nourishing shampoo and conditioner for a few months now. After using it, my hair feels amazing and it is, and looks so much healthier and shines a lot more. My waves are also more defined and I don’t have to worry about styling it and can just let it air dry without it getting frizzy!
I definitely recommend these products even if you don’t have curly hair cause the nourishment is just amazing and so good for your hair!

9 August 2021, 6:30:00 pm

Varsha Dhami

Varsha Dhami

What an Amazing NORTHWISH EXPERIENCE it has been! From ingredients to the texture of the products, I have been in a complete awe!
The products worked really well on my Fine Hair and didn't weigh it down. That is such a relief for me. The shampoo cleans the hair really well. The conditioner just glides through the hair. The Leave-in works as a one and done styler and Gel is my favourite. Thank you for making each washday an easy and a memorable one! ❤️💛💙💚

1 July 2021, 6:30:00 pm


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