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Meet our Founder

Norisha Tikari

Norisha Tikari

Northwish Naturals was born in my grandmother's kitchen in Gurgaon. At the time, my hair had a lot of heat and chemical damage and I could not find a ready-made solution to help nourish my hair. 

In an attempt to find a quick fix, I scoured the internet for a home remedy, until I came across some at-home deep conditioning recipes. I began blending bananas and avocado and shea butter and coconut and jojoba oil and some of my grandmother's expensive cold-pressed til oil (she was not happy about that), until I concocted my own recipe. 

After seeing a visible improvement in my hair quality, I excitedly took to Instagram to share my newfound knowledge with my friends and family. 

It was there that my passion for hair care developed, after seeing how helpful my information had been for so many people struggling with the same problems. 

-Norisha Tikari

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